The Gadiya Mountain

The Gadiya Mountain came into light at the time of Kandra dynasty. When the Kandra king Dharma Dev won the Kanker.

      He declared his capital on Gadhiya Mountain, which is a natural form of a fort. On the mountain there is a tank which never dries and fulfill by water throughout the year. One part of this tank is called as Sonai and the other part of this tank is called as Rupai. Actually Sonai and Rupai were the two daughters of Kandra king Dharma Dev. On the southern part of this tank there is a cave named Churi pagar. The entry of this cave is very much narrow. On any outer attack the King and his family lived safe in this cave. The space of the cave is able to sit 500 peoples inside. The exit door of this cave is towards west direction. In the south east part of  Gadhiya mountain there is an other cave called Jogi cave. The length of this cave is 50 meters. In ancient time  a lot of monks lives here alone time to time for there meditation. there is a small pond this cave. the water of this cave flows on the rock like a water fall. On the bottom of Gadhiya mountain the Doodh river flows. On Maha Shivratri there is a small festival celebrated on this mountain. On that day thousand of people climb on the mountain. Now there is a concrete leader available for climbing on the mountain.